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Matsu Tinta de Toro 2006

Last night I tried a bottle of Matsu 2006, a modern-style Toro wine.  I had tried this wine previously at the Spanish Food & Wine event in late April in Manhattan, but it is always different tasting wines at home, at your own pace, and with food of your choice.

The wine was very concentrated, dense and impenetrable in the glass.  The nose reminded me a bit of a petite sirah, dark fruits and sweet oak.

I have tasted a few wines from Toro, including a marathon of more than 10 at the Alimentaria in Barcelona a few years back.  Most of the wines I have tried have massive tannins, balanced by intense fruits, but I always get the sense that the tannins will never quite resolve in time for the fruit to balance well.

The Matsu was different.  Tannic structure was there, but the tannins were fine-grained, creating a wonderful texture in the mouth, and the finish was long and rich.  What a complete wine!

If you would like information on where you can purchase this wine please contact me.